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I&R Uniqueness

What makes I&R’s Interventions Unique?

We combine social psychology and personality psychology as disciplines that complement one another and as strategies and interventions for answering questions of how people think, influence, view and relate to one another. We are unique because we have this conviction that we can make a difference. The ‘difference’ may be a new perception of self, a new insight into self-understanding, achievement of self-identity, discover individual hidden potentials and acquire a complete new experience of joy and fulfillment.

Training Programmes

Our Specific Objectives

To provide training that will identify needs and address current workplace challenges
To provide knowledge that will bring change for individual and organization growth
To promote interpersonal, attitude, and behavior change
To help improve employees’ competence and confidence
To approach training with the outcome in mind
To encourage knowledge transfer in the workplace
To partner with managers/supervisors in supporting employees apply knowledge acquired
To develop tools to help managers/supervisors gauge the transfer of knowledge in workplace
To interpret human behavior through psychological education
To provide professional counseling in workplace
To simplify psychological concepts to levels where individuals can incorporate and apply them in their daily life.

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