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  • To promote and provide psychological concepts through training and professional counseling at workplace
  • To develop appropriate psychological interventions to address organization’s unique challenges that affect productivity/ performance
  • To complement, collaborate and network with other organizations engaged in similar services
  • To contribute and create relevant awareness on various initiatives on drug and substance abuse, domestic violence, suicide and depression

Workplace Psychological Interventions
I&R training complements existing interventions at the workplace. In collaboration with HR professionals we conduct a needs assessment and develop relevant workplace training and professional counseling programs. The interventions have helped to create a well motivated and trained team of workers. These psychological interventions have not only enhanced employees’ performance, but have also demonstrated to the affected employees that the employer is concerned and that they are together in facing the problems and concerns the employee may have from time to time. I&R emphasizes on the importance of HR professionals to have basic professional counseling skills if they are to effectively deal with emotionally disturbed employees. Basic professional counseling skills and techniques enable the HR professionals to do several things that assist organizations increase performance. HR professionals who possess basic professional counseling skills will:-

  • Easily recognize indicators of stressed employee(s)
  • Have ability to assist the stressed employee(s) alleviate their emotional pain by dealing with the cause of the issues and concern that lead to their being stressed
  • Advice other managers on issues and concerns affecting staff
  • Help boost the employees morale and motivation

We all know there is much to learn to be able to do a job well. I&R’s psychological approach in training focuses on personal growth, the ‘self’, mainly personal empowerment, positive attitude and other positive factors that finally spill over to workplace. We are aware that the key issues in all organizations is employees performance and productivity. It is obvious that performance and productivity start with individuals because an organization’s growth is pegged to the personal growth of its employees.

Many organizations spend huge amounts of resources in training and other initiatives without getting value for their hard earned money because they address the symptoms rather than the source of the challenge. I&R’s focus is on the source of the problems and concerns affecting every employee’s performance. We help employees connect to their inner-self and assess and evaluate themselves. We address the core and the cause of the problem bearing in mind that barriers to change and performance at workplace include personality traits. low self esteem, lack of confidence, bad attitude, which is manifested as insecurities leading to interpersonal challenges, lack of trust, poor communication, lack of team work, negative energy and so forth.

Future trends suggest that the need for training has increased in most jobs. Learning in most jobs is a lifelong process that does not stop with a certain level of education. Even people with university degrees need additional training in order to do most jobs. Even very simple jobs require training. Front office employees need regular training on certain skills to be upbeat when dealing with customers. Specific training that will create a customer responsive culture in which employees are friendly and courteous, accessible, knowledgeable, prompt in responding and willing to do what is necessary. Training is a necessary activity for both new and experienced employees. New employees must learn to keep up with job changes. In many organizations a person will not be considered for a promotion until certain training has been completed and certain skills mastered.

The Role of Emotional and Psychological Interventions and Prevention and Management of Diabetes
I&R provides psychological education to individuals living with chronic conditions that demand long term adjustments such as diabetes. Diabetes has become a very common condition in our society today. This could partly be due to socio-cultural factors and problems emanating from lifestyle. It is a condition that afflicts both young and old alike yet it is a scantly understood condition. Diabetes is a condition that demands immediate and long term adjustments. Its etiology and prognosis still remains poorly understood. This has made its prevention very difficult because of the ignorance of its etiology, hence, patients only appear in hospitals when the condition is in the advanced stage(s).

A number of studies have evaluated the role of psychological interventions in diabetes. Behaviour change interventions, have been shown to be helpful in improving self-care and diabetes control. Recent studies have demonstrated the importance of stress management, reduction of depression and anxiety in helping improve the quality of life of those living with diabetes. Further, studies have shown that psychological interventions can also improve motivation to perform the self-care behaviours.

Psychological interventions can play a valuable role in helping people live well with diabetes. Diabetes presents a significant challenge and stress for diabetes and those around them. Psychological counselors are well trained in behavior change interventions. They understand the problems in diabetes self-care, and can help the individual to overcome the difficulties and to change their behavior.

Training Programmes

Our Specific Objectives

To provide training that will identify needs and address current workplace challenges
To provide knowledge that will bring change for individual and organization growth
To promote interpersonal, attitude, and behavior change
To help improve employees’ competence and confidence
To approach training with the outcome in mind
To encourage knowledge transfer in the workplace
To partner with managers/supervisors in supporting employees apply knowledge acquired
To develop tools to help managers/supervisors gauge the transfer of knowledge in workplace
To interpret human behavior through psychological education
To provide professional counseling in workplace
To simplify psychological concepts to levels where individuals can incorporate and apply them in their daily life.

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